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        A traveling wedding + lifestyle photographer for the intimate and adventurous moments.


        I'm an overly optimistic soul who finds beauty in all things, who wants to chase life + see all it has to offer. A dabbling artist, writer, designer, creative, and mother to two crazy kids.

        Life should be lived with a spirit of adventure, loads of good conversation, + a heart ready to celebrate others. Love your lover. Make love under the stars. Let your heart feel risk. Keep it wild. Let spontaneity lead, keep things fresh, and say “I love you” a million times a day. Share a meal + some rouge with your tribe. Be generous! Generous with your words, your creativity, and your love. Most importantly, have faith and love God with all your heart, mind, and soul.

        --Tess Guinery

        In Search of Wildflowers

        Of wildflowers. Free-spirited, resilient, growing freely without human intervention. That’s me. I don’t want to be shaped by the flaws of man, but by the hands of God. It’s been a wild few years for me and if anything, it’s shown me that life doesn’t go as planned, but there’s beauty in all of it. In the good + the bad. The ups + the downs. The mundane. The routine. The busy. The everyday stuff! And it should be celebrated! There’s all these little moments that lead up to big ones. Like your first great adventure– together. With tear drops running down your face. Smiling at your person. Remembering all the little moments that led up to this one. Squeezing each others hands tightly. Reading your vows. Unable to imagine spending your life with anyone but them. That’s a moment I will never tire of. No two stories are the same. Each couple is unique + my heart is to tell your story, beautifully + honestly. Let’s create something beautiful together.

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        35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

        I've got two babes, Elle + Theo. They're my whole world. I stumbled into the world of photography because of Elle. (Poor kid. She has no choice, but to grow up + be a model now. lol) They're the reason I do what I do. They're my legacy. My memories. Being their mom is the most incredible, life-giving thing. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

        35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

        Tess Guinery is my girl!! I love her heart + her mind + her creativity. If you're looking for some inspiration-- Go check her out! She's a talented artist, designer, writer, you name it.

        Elle May Leckenby is a favorite lately! Her photographs bring you back into another time. I'm constantly inspired by her work + the emotion evoked in her imagery.

        Laurken Kendall -- She's a bada$$ + I love her vulnerability in her work + in her life. If I could take anything from her, it's to be more honest in all that you do.

        35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

        Iced Chai Tea Lattes, Chocolate chip cookies, brownie batter, and pizza are LIFE.

        Favorite City -- Dublin. I go back and remember sitting outside with the brisk air all bundled up. Raindrops falling. Eating a bowl of soup. And later sitting in a pub, listening to music, people watching. That city gives you this magical feeling of being alive.

        Favorite movie-- 1987 -- Overboard. Kurt Russell + Goldie Hawn are my fave.

        TV Shows -- Friends (obviously.), The Office, and New Girl!

        35.4166ºN, 115.5842ºW

        Nice weather calls for evenings spent outside with the kids skateboarding, having picnics, and painting. In the summer, days are spent at the lake! Wakeboarding, surfing, swimming, you name it! In the Fall + Winter, traveling takes precedence. I love traveling... so do my kids! Theo asks to go on an airplane every week. If I could give him that luxury-- I would. Being in new places + sharing new experiences with loved ones inspires me + drives my creativity to the next level.